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media coverage on our Work

OWAD Environment is regularly the subject of media releases, news interviews and documentaries that are aired on TV, social media, radio, printed media etc. The below links are a sample only. For all media enquiries, please contact Olivia Woosnam via our contact us page.

Media Coverage Channel 9's Today Show

OWAD Environment Channel 9 interview Olivia Woosnam re Koala - 20 Feb 2021

Live interview with Olivia Woosnam from OWAD Environment on Channel 9’s Today Show, Saturday 20 February 2021. regarding our findings in Port Stephens, NSW

ABC News Article, Feb 2021: Koala study reveals some Port Stephens populations are becoming genetically isolated 

Media Coverage NSW Government

NSW Government Missy Underground Orchid detection dog OWAD Environment

OWAD Environment detection dog Missy detecting rare Underground Orchids for the New South Wales Government. Footage from field surveys in January 2020. NSW Government video.

NSW Government, 2020: Missy the detection dog assists in uncovering rare underground orchid

Media Coverage WWF-Australia

🐶🐨 Detector Dogs Find Koalas Surviving in Burnt Out Forest | WWF-Australia, 2020

Could any wildlife have survived a 6,000 hectare fire in Maryvale, Queensland? Detection dogs Taz and Missy are currently in the field searching for koalas. 

Media Coverage WWF-Australia

Finding Koalas with Koala Detection Dogs | WWF-Australia

OWAD Environment Koala Detection Dogs working to locate surviving koalas.

Media Coverage Totally Wild

Totally Wild - Spot the Koala

Can you spot the koala? Neither can we! We’re gonna need some help from some very talented dogs and their amazing sense of smell.

Media Coverage Totally Wild

Totally Wild - Koala Detection Dogs

We find out why koala poo is an essential element in conserving the species, and how dogs can help!

Media Coverage Totally Wild

Totally Wild - Taz koala conservation dog - OWAD Environment

Totally Wild Episode S.23 Ep.67
Olivia Woosnam with Taz the professional conservation dog. Taz is owned and handled by OWAD Environment