OWAD Environment - Koala ecology experts - Threatened species detection dogs

Koala ecology experts - Threatened species detection dogs

OWAD Environment is a specialist environmental consultancy providing tailored services in threatened species assessments, using non-invasive methods only

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We collect robust scientific ecological data to effectively inform land use and planning decisions.

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Our detection dogs

OWAD Environment works with two professional threatened species detection dogs.

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OWAD Environment's operational Permits, Insurances and Certifications

Specialist environmental consultancy

Koala ecology experts Olivia Woosnam and Alex Dudkowski with their Koala detection dogs Missy and Taz doing fieldwork

OWAD Environment provides expert services in threatened species assessment and management using tools, technologies and methods that provide maximum scientific confidence.

For the fieldwork component of studies, we operate with purpose-bred professional detection canines.  We specialise in applied Koala studies, however our dogs are also certified for the detection of Underground Orchid (Rhizanthella slateri and R. speciosa) and Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus, D. hallucatus and D. viverrinus).

OWAD is home to Australia’s very first Certified Koala Detection Canine (2015) and with over 5,000km of detection dog searches conducted on applied Koala studies to date, is currently by far the most experienced team operating with such canines.

We are Certified Environmental Practitioners, and are certified by the Australian canine Detection Certification Council.  We and our canines are trained by expert Steve Austin CCPDT.  Visit our FAQs about our dogs for more information.

On all Koala studies where the species is found to be present, we highly recommend that scat samples undergo laboratory analysis.  This provides crucial information that cannot be otherwise obtained unless the animals were to be physically located, captured and samples drawn from the live animals.  Scat sampling and analysis comes at a fraction of the cost, does not inflict any stress on the animals, and enables us to sample far more individuals in significantly less time.  It provides information that is critical and necessary to develop effective management or conservation strategies. and enables accurate monitoring that is grounded in science rather than on unproven assumptions.  See our FAQs about Koala scat analysis for more information.

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We have the capability to perform targeted threatened species studies across Eastern Australia


OWAD Environment provides the following services:

Media coverage

OWAD Environment is regularly the subject of media releases, news interviews and documentaries that are aired on TV, social media, radio, printed media etc. For all media enquiries, please contact Olivia Woosnam via our contact us page.

Koala scat analysis

OWAD Environment teams up with WildDNA/Federation University Australia for the analysis of Koala scats. We have jointly completed a number of studies and associated reports to inform on effective conservation measures or provide impact assessment