OWAD Environment

OWAD Environment is owned and operated by Olivia Woosnam and Alex Dudkowski.

Both Alex and Olivia are Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP) from the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

We and our professional detection dogs are also certified by the Conservation Division of the Australian Canine Detection Certification Council (CDCC).

ALEX is an Environmental Engineer with 13 years' experience in contaminated soil & groundwater remediation. He has been practising as an engineer in Australia for the last 10 years and has outstanding technical skills, including bioremediation and innovative technologies such as ISCO (In-Situ Chemical Oxidation). He is renowned in the industry for his efficiency, excellent contractor management, and delivering the highest quality services & expertise in record time.
Alex is also a seasoned Field Ecologist, having conducted numerous large Koala surveys with the professional detection dogs over the last 4 years.
His highest qualification is a Master of Environmental Engineering (Superior Institute of Environment, France).

OLIVIA has been in the environmental sector for over 10 years. Her core academic qualifications are in politics, environmental policy and management. She started her environmental career at the United Nations Environment Program. Subsequently, she chose to specialise in ecology to gain hands-on experience in biodiversity conservation. Her area of ecological expertise is Koalas: Koala habitat assessment, conservation and management, and the development and evaluation of Koala survey methods & techniques. Together with Alex, she now undertakes state-of-the-art Koala population studies with professionally trained certified Koala detection dogs, with Federation University analysing Koala scats for DNA and disease. She has a very good understanding of the Planning & Environment regulatory framework in Australia, and has experience acting as a Koala Ecology Expert Witness to the P&E Court. (OWAD Environment's conservation dogs were the first in Australia to provide Expert Witness evidence to the Court.)
Her highest qualification is a Master of Environmental Management (University of Queensland, Brisbane).

For Health & Safety purposes as well as for Quality Assurance purposes, Alex and Olivia assist each other in all their projects:

  • Alex acts as Olivia's field assistant on ecology projects, helping to ensure each survey is conducted as safely and as consistently as possible. Alex has received professional training and is certified to handle our detection dogs.
  • For engineering projects, Olivia assists Alex by e.g. organising hire equipment, taking collected samples to the lab, and remains on call at all times in case of emergency.
  • For Quality Assurance, each report is thoroughly checked by the other party prior to sending any material to our clients. Where desirable or required, we also work with third party reviewers to conduct external reviews.
  • Both Alex and Olivia maintain current First Aid training and act as each other's Health & Safety officers.

Page last updated on 05 May 2017.