OWAD Environment

OWAD Environment was formed in 2013 and is owned and operated by Olivia Woosnam and Alex Dudkowski, who are work and life partners.

Both Alex and Olivia are Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP) from the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ).

We and our professional detection dogs are also certified by the Conservation Division of the Australian Canine Detection Certification Council (CDCC).

ALEX is Senior Koala Ecologist and has conducted numerous Koala studies for the last 6 years. With his core training and extensive experience in environmental engineering, what he brings to the table is strict scientific rigour to all aspects of our methods and processes. He has developed and performs Quality Control on all projects in the field, and he also performs Quality Assurance on all mapping and reporting products. He always strives to bring ecology to the same levels of standard and rigour as any other field of 'hard science'.
His highest academic qualification is a Master of Environmental Engineering (Superior Institute of Environment, France).

OLIVIA is Principal Koala Ecologist and has been specialising in Koala ecology for the last 12 years. Her academic training is in politics, environmental policy and environmental management. She started her environmental career at the United Nations Environment Program working on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. In 2007, she chose to re-focus her career on conservation for a more 'hands-on' path. Her area of expertise is Koalas: habitat assessment, population studies, conservation and management, and the development and evaluation of Koala survey methods & techniques. Together with Alex, she now undertakes state-of-the-art studies with professional conservation detection dogs. She has a very good understanding of the Planning & Environment regulatory framework in Australia, and has experience acting as a Koala Ecology Expert Witness to the P&E Court. In 2016, OWAD Environment's conservation dogs were the first whose evidence was accepted in a Court in Australia.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Policy Studies) with First Class Honours in Environmental Policy (London South Bank University, London) and a Master of Environmental Management (University of Queensland, Brisbane).

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