Ecological Due Diligence

Thinking of buying a land for development, or considering developing a land you already own?

OWAD Environment can conduct the ecological due diligence on the property. We will inform you on the existing and potential flora & fauna values, and the constraints these represent in terms of the type of development you are considering.

We will:

  • Produce ArcGIS maps of ecological constraints identified by State and federal databases, which you can then use to design the initial layout of your development;
  • Highlight any fieldwork required / or that may be required to verify these ecological values on the ground, and provide advice on the best timing for these; and
  • Highlight the applicable State and federal legislative codes and requirements that may need to be addressed (e.g. applicable Vegetation Management Act codes, Nature Conservation Act requirements, Koala State Planning Regulatory Provisions, EPBC Act referral).

Where available, we can also conduct searches for ecological values mapped by the relevant local authority and provide a summary of applicable local government requirements.

We can then organise any necessary fieldwork/groundtruthing, as well as assist you in identifying solutions or 'acceptable outcomes' to address the applicable legislative framework.