Our partners

OWAD Environment teams up with a variety of specialists across a variety of environmental disciplines to deliver a broad range of environmental services.

For our Koala population studies, OWAD Environment works closely with WildDNA, a leading wildlife genetics laboratory at Federation University Australia, who analyse Koala scats found by our detection dogs. WildDNA is led by Dr Faye Wedrowicz and Dr Fiona Hogan.

OWAD Environment regularly partners with the Queensland Trust For Nature on a variety of conservation related projects or activities.

We value the highest standards of service and professional ethics, and regularly team up with other high quality independent consultants such as TRACE Environmental.

For contaminated land & groundwater projects, OWAD can work in all States across Australia.

For work with our conservation dogs, we have permits & approvals for Queensland and New South Wales.

Page last updated in November 2018.