OWAD Environment is a specialist environmental consultancy providing tailored services in threatened species assessments, using non-invasive methods only. We own and handle purpose-bred professional field detection dogs who enable us to assess vast areas quickly and efficiently. Our dogs detect Koala, three species of Quoll, and two species of Underground Orchids. See our Services page for more information.

OWAD Environment is owned and operated by Olivia Woosnam and Alex Dudkowski. Both Alex and Olivia are Certified Environmental Practitioners* (CEnvPs) from the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, we and our dogs are trained by CCPDT dog training expert Steve Austin, and we are certified by the Australian Canine Detection Certification Council. See our About us page for more information.

Olivia and Alex created OWAD Environment in 2013 stemming from a desire to focus on collecting robust scientific ecological data to effectively inform land use and planning decisions, in order to enable the development of robust conservation strategies or genuinely minimise detrimental impacts on threatened species.

On fieldwork, we work with our professional conservation dogs in order to assess vast areas quickly and effectively. Our dogs are bred, raised, conditioned and trained professionally specifically for field detection work. See our videos and our FAQs for further information about our dogs and how we operate with them in the field.

For Koala studies, we partner with WildDNA/Federation University Australia who extract Koala DNA, gender and disease information from the scats (faecal pellets) we collect. Combining molecular and spatial technologies greatly facilitates understanding previously unknown ecological processes relating to the Koala. It provides information on how Koalas use a landscape, which distinct populations may occur where, what impacts disturbance and fragmentation may have on these populations, disease prevalence in each population identified, etc. This knowledge is critical for the development of effective strategies aimed at minimising further population declines or facilitating their recovery. See FAQs about Koala scat analysis for further information.

For Quoll studies, analysis of Quoll scat content can be arranged upon request.

Over the last 6 years we have completed dozens of tailored studies of various scales, from site-specific studies to Local Government Area wide projects. These have resulted in a range of effective conservation measures (e.g. targeted land acquisition programs for conservation purposes, re-establishment of movement corridors, large-scale revegetation programs etc.), or provided robust assessments of Koala or Quoll presence/absence so that planners and assessment authorities can make well-informed decisions about a site.

We have capability to perform Koala and Quoll studies, to act as Koala Expert Witness for legal matters**, and we also offer training workshops for Koala scat identification and non-invasive Koala genetic sampling. See our services for further information.

We are based in South East Queensland, however we work across Eastern Australia. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project needs.

* For any type of environmental related service in Australia & New Zealand, it is highly recommended to engage CEnvP certified professionals. Visit the CEnvP Directory for the full list of currently certified professionals in Australia and & New Zealand.
**In 2016, OWAD Environment's dog 'Taz' was the first conservation dog in Australia whose evidence was accepted in a Court case.

Olivia, Alex and 'Taz'